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About Riser Creative

The Riser Creative Team doesn’t hail from big cities, though we’ve seen and worked in our share of them. We believe that conversations with strangers in coffee shops lead to new friendships and even partnerships so much more easily than cold calls.

We’ve worked for big corporate powerhouses and we’ve learned to deliver quality, but we’re more comfortable in sweatshirts and leggings than dresses and heels.  We like meeting our clients over cozy lunches by the fires of our favorite restaurants in the fall, as opposed to sterile, modern boardrooms, and we’d rather send you a handwritten thank you note than an automatic reply that we’ve received your payment.

In short, we have all the know-how, but we also know that how we nurture relationships may be the most important element to our business.  We believe in being good to the people who trust us with their marketing, and we believe our take on the business world pays big dividends for our clients first and ourselves and our families by default.

Riser Creative partners with some of the best companies in the country to provide phenomenal online video, content, and social media management for its select clientele; still, our founder oversees the entire production process and works closely with the entire team to accomplish each client’s mission.  If you have a project you’d like Riser Creative to consider, it will be delivered personally for her review.

Our Founder

Ashley Burnette graduated from Carson-Newman College with a degree in Communications and Philosophy and worked for years with a national telecom company before transitioning into a role as a financial adviser and eventually taking a job as a 5th and 6th grade teacher in a private school where she also taught high-school level Latin, English Literature, and Spanish. She became the school’s webmaster as well, and taught classes for adults who needed to learn the basics of Microsoft Office applications. She still enjoys kicking around concepts like string theory and alternate realities, but philosophy often takes a back seat to day-to-day obligations, inlcuding her roles as owner of a boutique web design firm, affiliate real estate broker, and Director of Development for a local medical charity.

When the school where she once taught closed, Ashley turned her computer savvy and love of the written word into a full time business that also allowed her to spend time with her two amazing kids, now teens who are sometimes just fine with the idea of not being written about in their mother’s blog, though she still manages to sneak in a story here or there just for good measure, hopefully without embarrassing either of them too badly.

Ashley caters to clients throughout the United States, Australia, and Europe. She has ghostwritten a handful of books for satisfied clients and currently is currently whittling away at a murder-mystery co-write with one of her favorite writing partners.

From press releases to product descriptions and websites, Ashley’s work is seen daily around the world. She has written for a variety of publications and is an avid blogger who publishes on a variety of topics as often as her schedule allows. She conducts seminars concerning branding and online reputation and provides training classes on a wide array of computer related concepts. Ashley believes in personal client service and one-on-one consultation to ensure proper results and overall success.  Limiting her client load is a must these days, so she only takes on a few new projects each year.

Ashley loves the Tennessee mountains that are her home, only second to the beaches of her favorite getaway spots. Learning to sail is somewhere on her bucket list, but will have to wait as other commitments call continually and it’s not nearly time to slow down yet.

Specialties: Ghostwriting, Content Writing, Web Site Design and Management, Consultation, Corporate Training, Search Engine Optimization

We partner with these local professionals to meet and exceed your expectations:

Elizabeth Azpurua offers great social media services that won’t break the bank. Skilled in content creation and design, she offers regular, strategic Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest updates through her company Smoky Magic Media so that business owners can focus on their brands. Elizabeth has worked with many different industries and offers more than 10 years of social media marketing experience. She’s worked in the wedding industry, vacation rentals and has worked alongside industry professionals in construction and real estate.

Elizabeth’s creativity enables her to think outside the box and stay current in how she approaches marketing. Having studied Business at Brigham Young University, Idaho, and participated in networking seminars, Elizabeth possesses the necessary knowledge to help businesses succeed in the ever changing world of internet marketing. In addition to her experience in social media, Elizabeth is a published author and avid nature lover who truly appreciates the Smoky Mountains she calls home. Let Elizabeth engage your audience, build your following, and promote your company via the social media platforms that reach your target market and keep your brand top of mind.

Staci Sagliano is a talented photographer and graphic designer with a great work ethic and an impressive portfolio.  Her work experience includes creative design for Fee Hedrick Family Entertainment, Darden Restaurants, and the Bridal Registry.  Riser Creative is proud to refer Staci for graphic design and logo work to our friends and clients.  If you’d like to know more about Staci, please visit stacim.com or contact us for an analysis of your project and to chat about how Staci can make your brand look amazing online or in print.